Has Your Business Outgrown Your Legacy Telco?

Telecommunications is constantly evolving, with new technologies making businesses question the way they communicate. Advancements in cloud computing have pushed many to transform their business model, so the question is: why hasn’t your telco? Legacy telcos are simply not keeping up, relying on outdated infrastructure that is incompatible with the latest communication requirements.

Here we provide 4 reasons why moving your services to a cloud telco will be the best thing for your business.

1. Connectivity

Only a cloud telco can connect with global exchange points where major carriers transfer traffic with each other. This connectivity guarantees a high quality, low latency service between different networks. A legacy telco relies on local and or long-distance telecommunication networks that cannot guarantee noise-free or clear connections.

2. Autonomy

Managing your telecommunications should be done in clicks and code, not by picking up the phone to call your provider. Trusting a legacy telco to complete necessary routing changes correctly and in time puts your business at risk. A cloud telco provides you with the tools to build and manage communication experiences independently and in real-time. Gone are the days of provisioning errors and delays.

3. Accessibility

It should take minutes not weeks to provision a new phone number. A cloud telco uses an intelligent software layer that allows you to provision voice and SMS-enabled phone numbers instantly. A legacy telco will have you filling out forms, lodging requests and waiting patiently for a team member to process your request.

4. Futureproof

When your business grows, your telco needs to scale and support your high-volume voice and messaging traffic. The programmable nature of a cloud telco means your business is covered for the future. A cloud telco can handle immediate change whereas a legacy telco cannot.


When your business has outgrown your telco, it’s time to say goodbye. A cloud telco will provide you with an intelligent framework that simplifies your voice and SMS communications in real-time, making it easier for your business to create, adapt and build experiences that delight your customers and fulfil their needs.