Gain complete operational insight fast.

Find the insights you need, fast. Get a better perspective and stay up-to-date with the telco data that's most important to you.

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Key features

Stay on top of what's important.

Build custom dashboards. Create dashboards and fill them with the information you want. Segment your data to highlight the trends that matter the most.

Share reports with your team. Set it and forget it. Sharing reports with your team is now easier. Schedule any dashboard to shared over email when it makes sense for your team.

Uncover trends in calls. Dive deep into your call data and see detailed information about both parties to the call. Segment and filter on fields such as caller location, status, phone number, custom labels and call cost.


Customizable reports.

Use our predefined dashboards or highlight what's most important to you by creating custom graphs, charts and tables covering your call and SMS data.

It's easy to customize, and it's real-time.

Enfonica customizable reports user interface illustration
Enfonica scheduling user interface illustration


Stay on top of key telco metrics and report to key stakeholders, without a fuss. Easily schedule any dashboard to be emailed at a regular interval.

Scheduling user interface illustration


Break down call and SMS data by field, such as location or status. Explore with different segments and filters as the platform dynamically changes how it displays the results to you, and find the insights you need to achieve your goals.

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Use Cases

Unlock the full power of communication.

Handle calls better


Make iterative improvements to your IVR and connect customers to the right agents faster.

Improve pick-up rate


Make outgoing calls using a mobile caller ID and increase the likelihood of customers answering.

Track traditional media


Apply unique phone numbers on different traditional media campaigns or TV stations to see which ads drive the most calls.

Message-based onboarding


Get customers onboarded faster by using SMS to get them to enter their details.

Maximum performance


Ensure your call centre is performing at its best using the analytics data through the Enfonica Console.

Improve your customer experience


Automate incoming call to connect your customers to the information they’re looking for rather than having to wait for an agent.

Give patients piece of mind with an FAQ chatbot


Build a SMS based chatbot to answer questions, give patients peace of mind and reduce the load of your front line workers.

Verify patient identity with 2FA


Securely verify patient identity using SMS codes.

Appointment management


Missed appointments are a thing of the past. Allow your patients to confirm appointments via SMS.

"Patients and health care professionals around Australia rely on WeKo for timely notifications about upcoming appointments and e-Health questionnaires. By switching over to Enfonica, we have improved the delivery of our SMS to patients and reduced our costs by 30%."

"Enfonica is a simple and cost efficient way to allow my customers to send SMS. We ended up choosing Enfonica's Cloud SMS product because it allowed us to focus on what we do best and not on complex SMS infrastructure."