Enterprise-grade cloud telco.

Enfonica powers enterprise and service providers with robust and scalable infrastructure for cloud communications.

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We’ll treat you well and we won’t mess you around. We’ll give you fair pricing and strive to earn your trust with every interaction.

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We’ll treat you well and we won’t mess you around. We’ll give you fair pricing and strive to earn your trust with every interaction.

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We’ll treat you well and we won’t mess you around. We’ll give you fair pricing and strive to earn your trust with every interaction.

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Speed & Stability

Our lightning fast infrastructure grows with you and is designed for high-uptime with redundant carrier interconnects and servers across data centers.

Our approach

We do things differently at Enfonica.

We are legitimately passionate about telecommunications. Our technology-driven approach empowers you with self-managed services for unparalleled control and flexibility, and instant provisioning ensures you get what you need, when you need it. Our knowledgeable staff are dedicated to providing personalized support, ensuring your specific needs are met with expertise and care. We dedicate ourselves to security and performance, and the reliability of your business' communications is our highest priority.


Future-proof enterprise calling.

Enfonica SIP trunking allows you to create a flexible, future-proof communications backbone proven to work with your preferred cloud or on-premise solutions such as Genesys Cloud, Avaya and Microsoft Teams.

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"As a market research call centre, we need reliable and scalable telecommunications services and Enfonica has proven to be a strong partner for us."

 Michael Harding | Managing Director

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Provision SIP trunks and Teams Calling instantly.

Provision SIP trunks and Teams Calling in seconds, giving your team full autonomy to quickly set up new services. Diagnose and resolve issues using our intuitive console, designed to give your support team the information they need, including full SIP traces. Add value to your operation from our competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing that scales with your needs.

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"The flexibility to easily manage and provision voice services using their online platform has streamlined our operations. The real-time call data and SIP traces empower our technical team to stay on top of things, ensuring smooth communication services for our clients."

 Keith Mino | CEO

Telco in the cloud

Enfonica's network.

Enfonica’s cloud-native infrastructure is built for high availability. We connect with multiple carriers to give options for numbering, but also to provide fault-tolerant outbound with auto-failover and flexible routing. Each component in our architecture runs with multiple instances across different Google Cloud zones (data centres), either in multi-master or active/standby modes. Our carrier and customer SIP/RTP edge proxies are over-provisioned to allow for large spikes in traffic, while the internal services that support our functionality are auto-scaling, which supports the peak and off-peak traffic profiles we see during the day and week. We use premium Google connectivity, which allows our traffic to run over Google’s vast high-quality network to the closest handoff point

The Enfonica network is connected to:

Genesys Cloud
Microsoft Teams
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Build your business with a trusted specialist.

Telco shouldn't be difficult. Experience a telco that cares about giving you a great service and a great customer experience. Our team of trusted specialists can design, provision and maintain tailored solutions for your business.

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"Enfonica truly raises the bar with its platform and outstanding communication. We're never left in the dark. Their platform has revolutionised our operations, enabling effective troubleshooting and seamless feature integration."

 Scott Vaughan | Network Specialist


Ship communication products & features, faster

Provide calling and messaging services to serve any customer use case. Eliminate common telecom bottlenecks with cloud-ready infrastructure, simplified compliance, developer APIs and no-code tools.

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"Patients and health care professionals around Australia rely on WeKo for timely notifications about upcoming appointments and e-Health questionnaires. By switching over to Enfonica, we have improved the delivery of our SMS to patients and reduced our costs by 30%."

Ian Daniel | Chief Technology Officer

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Use Cases

Unlock the full power of communication.

Clean caller ID


Increase answer rates by monitoring your CLIs and only using phone numbers that are free from spam flags.

Failover to Cloud SIP


Even if you’re still under contract with your current provider, you can use Cloud SIP as a backup or overflow solution when your primary provider can’t keep up.

Connect to the PSTN


Connect your contact center to the PSTN for high-volume incoming and outgoing calls.

Message-based onboarding


Get customers onboarded faster by using SMS to get them to enter their details.

Maximum performance


Ensure your call centre is performing at its best using the analytics data through the Enfonica Console.

Improve your customer experience


Automate incoming call to connect your customers to the information they’re looking for rather than having to wait for an agent.

Give patients piece of mind with an FAQ chatbot


Build a SMS based chatbot to answer questions, give patients peace of mind and reduce the load of your front line workers.

Verify patient identity with 2FA


Securely verify patient identity using SMS codes.

Appointment management


Missed appointments are a thing of the past. Allow your patients to confirm appointments via SMS.