About us

Our mission is to revolutionize communications technology.

Our vision

We want to make every customer interaction great.

At Enfonica, we sincerely believe that good communication can make the world a better place. This is the driving force behind our core goal - to make every customer interaction great.

We aim to do this by giving businesses autonomy to control their telecommunications.  Not just the ability to buy a phone number in real-time or make a change in an instant, but the ability to build entire communication experiences that delight customers and fulfil their needs.

Come and see the fusion between software and telecoms with Australia’s first cloud telco. We hope to hear from you soon.

Our promises

We'll treat you well.

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No nonsense

We’ll treat you well and we won’t mess you around. We’ll give you fair pricing and strive to earn your trust with every interaction.

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Future proof

The programmable nature of our product means you're covered for the future. On top of this, we promise to continually evolve our product.

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Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is integrated throughout our products and our ethos. We give you true flexibility while keeping you safe.

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Reliable & scalable

Our lightning fast infrastructure grows with you. Designed for high-uptime services with redundant carrier interconnects and servers across data centers.

Brisbane, our home.

Level 11/88 Tribune Street, South Brisbane, QLD, 4101. Get Directions

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Our values

We live and breathe by our shared values.

Keep it open

Be open to feedback, others’ perspectives, ideas and input.  Share and receive information from your colleagues, openly and transparently.

Lift each other up

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Respect your teammates and our customers. We’re all different, but we all belong to the same Enfonica family. Realise there are rarely individual victories.

No bullsh*t

We value openness and honesty. We lead with integrity, not by our ego. We aren’t perfect, but we get things done. We don’t BS each other and we don’t BS our customers.

Be innovative

We hold innovation and curiosity at our core, which is why we try new things, fail early and learn often.

"As a market research call centre, we need reliable and scalable telecommunications services and Enfonica has proven to be a strong partner for us. Enfonica took the time to assist us in moving from our previous provider, collaborated effectively with our other vendors and service providers, and even customised their services to better fit with our operations. Their commitment to customer support is commendable, and their promptness in procuring phone numbers from around the country has been impressive. It is such a refreshing change to deal with a nimble, knowledgeable and capable partner in telecommunications."

"Enfonica’s dedicated team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition from our previous provider, offering an impressive level of proactive customer support that we hadn't experienced before. They took the time to provide us with custom documentation, personalised training sessions, and even worked with our other providers to help migrate our diallers. Enfonica's commitment to customer understanding and satisfaction truly sets them apart."

"In our business, the importance of reliable telecommunications cannot be understated. Enfonica has not only delivered high-quality SIP services but also proved themselves as true industry professionals. They've taken the time to share knowledge on the intricacies of Australian telecommunication networks, providing deep technical insights along with their exceptional support. They've been an invaluable resource to us."