Why Choosing the Right Phone Number Matters

Branding can be a critical factor when building a success business. Your logo, your website and your ad campaigns are crucial to creating and maintaining a strong public identity. Your contact information however, is sometimes overlooked.

The phone number you advertise can be just as important to your brand as your logo. Selecting the right phone number matters and we’ll show you why… with a game!

Let’s play

I’ll list 3 popular Australian phone number jingles and you tell us the company that owns that number. Ready? Let’s go.

1. “One three double oh, six triple five, oh six”

C’mon, that was easy. How about…

2. “Thirteen, thirteen, thirty-two”‍

Still too easy. Let’s make things more difficult for the final round…

3. “One three double one double six”‍ or in some parts of Australia: “Four eight one double one double one”

Too tricky? Answers below.

How well did you go?

If you got all 3 right then you are officially an Aussie legend. Here’s hoping ‘Iconic Aussie Jingles’ is a category on your next trivia night. These phone numbers have been around for over 25 years and we can still remember them.

Choosing the right phone number can be a great jumping-off point for your marketing strategy. Advertising a phone number with numerical rhythm motivates your customers to remember it. Does it roll off the tongue? Does it flow when spoken? The more memorable your phone number, the less likely your customers will jump online trying to find it, only to be directed to a competitor with a bigger ad spend. A phone number your customers remember verbatim is priceless.

If memory recall is important in your ad campaigns (eg. Cable/TV), it’s best to choose the shortest possible number. In Australia, this is a 6-digit “13” number. But whether it be a 13, 1300 or 1800 phone number, choosing a catchy number or crafting a unique way of memorising it can be just as important.


  1. The Reading Writing Hotline.
  2. Lube Mobile. (The little boy with the mullet!)
  3. Pizza Hut.