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Enfonica's partner program enables service providers to offer modern and reliable voice services. We give you the power to create great experiences for your customers. Fully self-managed.

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Enfonica partners

At Enfonica, we understand the importance of reliable voice services for our partners. That's why we've created a program specifically for service providers to quickly and easily onboard with our white-labelled platform which is backed by our carrier grade network.

Telco in the cloud

Enfonica's network.

Enfonica’s cloud-native infrastructure is built for high availability. We connect with multiple carriers to give options for numbering, but also to provide fault-tolerant outbound with auto-failover and flexible routing. Each component in our architecture runs with multiple instances across different Google Cloud zones (data centres), either in multi-master or active/standby modes. Our carrier and customer SIP/RTP edge proxies are over-provisioned to allow for large spikes in traffic, while the internal services that support our functionality are auto-scaling, which supports the peak and off-peak traffic profiles we see during the day and week. We use premium Google connectivity, which allows our traffic to run over Google’s vast high-quality network to the closest handoff point

The Enfonica network is connected to:

3CX Phone System
Genesys Cloud
Microsoft Teams

Our product is not just a nice frontend that configures a softswitch. It’s a cloud-native telephony stack, composed of dozens of APIs and microservices that configure and control calls in real-time using our programmable voice language VoiceML as the underlying technology. This gives us and our customers a large amount of control and flexibility to build and deploy telephony applications regardless of the complexity – whether it’s a simple SIP trunk, complex voice agents, or IVRs that connect to third-party APIs. Enfonica manages the voice traffic for some of Australia’s largest call centers, with our network switching millions of minutes of calls each month.

Enfonica partners

Become a partner.

Enfonica enables service providers to expand into new markets by selling and supporting self-managed voice services. The Enfonica communications cloud gives service providers access to flexible and scalable services at wholesale cost. By partnering with Enfonica, you and your customers will have direct access to the latest voice features and integrations without investing in infrastructure or relying on third-party vendors to manually provision services. Enfonica gives you and your customers the autonomy and the tools to do it yourself.

What we offer

Teams Direct Routing

Integrate voice calling into Microsoft Teams.

Cloud SIP Trunks

Provision flexible SIP trunks compatible with major platforms, including 3CX, Genesys and more.

Phone Numbers

Provision or port-in phone numbers across all major areas of Australia, including 1300, 1800 and mobile numbers.

Intelligent Call Routing

Instantly mock-up and deploy IVRs using an intuitive, drag-and-drop flow builder.

Key benefits

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Increased revenue

Build recurring revenue by selling modern and reliable voice services.

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Self managed

Easily provision and manage services using our modern online platform.

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Real-time data

Empower your technical team with real-time call data and SIP traces.

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Voice APIs

Be ready for the future with access to APIs and programmable communications.

Our partners

Partnership options.

Enfonica’s partner program gives service providers access to modern and reliable communications services.

Referral partner

You want to manage your customers on the Enfonica platform, but don’t want to bill them or collect payments. To sign a customer up, simply complete an application form, or refer the customer to your Enfonica account manager.

  • Enfonica bills customers and collects payments.
  • Customer can contact Enfonica for support.
  • You are provided management access to support customers.

Enfonica referral partners receive 10% ongoing commissions for the lifetime of the customer.

Wholesale partner

You want to own the entire customer relationship, from support and management, to billing and payments. You can promote Enfonica’s wholesale products as if they were your own.

  • You bill your customers at your rates and collect payments.
  • You provide support to customers, and Enfonica provides support to you.
  • You manage all services.

Enfonica wholesale partners receive discounted rates across our range of products.

Use cases

Common use cases.

With Enfonica, you can build what you want, how you want to. The Enfonica platform is commonly used for the following use cases.

Connect on-prem or cloud PBXs to the telephone network

Use Cloud SIP to provision new SIP trunks that are compatible with a wide variety of PBXs and cloud vendors. Purchase or port-in phone numbers and route calls over the SIP trunk.

Connect Microsoft Teams to the telephone network

Use Cloud SIP to provision and verify a SIP trunk for use with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Provision each user with a phone number, and use Teams or Enfonica Flow to build IVRs.

Deploy cloud IVRs

Use Enfonica Flow to build IVRs with time/day routing, menus, voicemail to email/SMS and more. Connect the IVRs with your existing phone system by routing over SIP or diverting to DIDs.

Use numbers from around the country

Provision and call from numbers from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and dozens of other areas, even if your customer is not physically located in those areas.

White label

Branded to your business.

Branded SIP FQDNs


Compatible with:

3CX Phone System
Genesys Cloud
Microsoft Teams
Grandstream UCM
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