Teams Direct Routing

Phone calls directly in Teams.

Empower your Teams users to make and receive phone calls with the Teams phone system. Pay for what you use, not per user.

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Make and receive phone calls directly in Teams.

Teams Phone System offers IVR, call queues, music on hold, voicemail and more to replace your existing phone system and handsets and enable your users to make and receive phone calls wherever they are working from.

Enfonica supports Teams Phone System by connecting Teams to the public phone network and allowing you to purchase and configure phone numbers.

Key Features

Teams Direct Routing

Quick setup

Set up one or more Teams-enabled SIP trunks instantly in the Enfonica Console with dedicated FQDNs. Follow our documentation to complete the configuration in Microsoft 365.

Keep your current numbers

Use you current number by porting them to us. We will handle the entire porting process for you.

Scale instantly

Scale your Teams-enabled SIP trunk in seconds by using the Enfonica Console to increase or decrease the amount of simultaneous calls you require.

Use advanced routing

In addition to Teams IVR, you can use Enfonica Flow to build highly customizable IVRs and allow your staff to update them as required, without being a Global Administrator.


$10 per channel

Enfonica charges for Teams-enabled SIP trunks based on what you use: the number of simultaneous calls that you need, plus call costs.

Other vendors charge large per-user fees that might include unlimited calls. This quickly adds up, as you're essentially buying a phone plan for every user, and the vast majority of users will never make enough calls to justify paying a premium for unlimited calls.

With Enfonica, you can have 10 users to 1000 users and you will still only pay for what you use.


The Enfonica difference

Channel based pricing

Don't pay extra by paying for each user. Pool your capacity across all users and pay only for the simultaneous calls that you need.

Retain control of Microsoft Teams

You are responsible for configuring Microsoft 365 and do not need to give any access to Enfonica.

Make changes without Global Admins

Configure your IVRs in Enfonica Flow and allow staff to make adjustments on the fly, even if they aren't a Microsoft 365 Global Administrator.

Multiple number types

Use any type of phone number in Teams. Enfonica supports Australian local, mobile, 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers.

Use cases

Empower your organisation with Teams Calling.


Device flexibility

Call recording and transcription

Work from home




Call transfer


The Enfonica platform

What can you use with the Enfonica platform.

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Use code to build highly customizable voice calling experiences when people call your phone number.

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Scalable SIP trunking with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing. Connect your infrastructure in minutes.

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Visually build voice calling experiences using our drag-and-drop interface.

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Find the insights you need, fast. Get a better perspective and stay up-to-date with the telco data that's most important to you.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

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Prices in Australian dollars (AUD). Prices exclude tax.
Calls to most regions are billed to the second with a minimum call cost of half a cent. For more details on Cloud Voice billing,
click here.

"As a market research call centre, we need reliable and scalable telecommunications services and Enfonica has proven to be a strong partner for us. Enfonica took the time to assist us in moving from our previous provider, collaborated effectively with our other vendors and service providers, and even customised their services to better fit with our operations. Their commitment to customer support is commendable, and their promptness in procuring phone numbers from around the country has been impressive. It is such a refreshing change to deal with a nimble, knowledgeable and capable partner in telecommunications."

"Enfonica’s dedicated team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition from our previous provider, offering an impressive level of proactive customer support that we hadn't experienced before. They took the time to provide us with custom documentation, personalised training sessions, and even worked with our other providers to help migrate our diallers. Enfonica's commitment to customer understanding and satisfaction truly sets them apart."

"In our business, the importance of reliable telecommunications cannot be understated. Enfonica has not only delivered high-quality SIP services but also proved themselves as true industry professionals. They've taken the time to share knowledge on the intricacies of Australian telecommunication networks, providing deep technical insights along with their exceptional support. They've been an invaluable resource to us."