Introducing Enfonica

At Enfonica, we sincerely believe that good communication can make the world a better place. This is the driving force behind our core goal – to make every customer interaction great.

We aim to do this by giving businesses autonomy to control their telecommunications. Not just the ability to buy a phone number in real-time or make a change in an instant, but the ability to build entire communication experiences that delight customers and fulfil their needs.

Why cloud telecommunications?

Enfonica is a cloud telco because our product and infrastructure has been designed to be cloud-native and runs entirely in the cloud. This gives numerous benefits:

  1. Uptime. By leveraging Google Cloud, our services run and scale across a huge amount of infrastructure over multiple redundant data centers. Our connectivity is powered by Google’s premium network, meaning we have more redundant Internet links than most other telcos.
  2. Technology. We apply modern software development and deployment techniques which allows us to deliver new products and updates safely and incrementally.
  3. Compliance. Google Cloud has industry-leading security and undergoes third-party audits and certifications, helping to support your compliance requirements.

What’s wrong with traditional telcos?

The digital revolution brought drastic changes to the way we communicate. From landlines to mobile phones, the internet and smartphones, new technologies have made it quicker and easier than ever to speak with each other. Despite all these advancements, traditional telecommunications companies haven’t kept up with the times. Slow to change and caught up in price wars, innovation has passed them by.

Furthermore, many of Australia’s smaller and more innovative telecommunications providers have been acquired and consolidated into entities that care more about providing value to shareholders than their customers. At Enfonica, we believe the opposite is true – that if we focus on providing value to customers, this will benefit everyone.

What are the benefits of cloud telcos like Enfonica?

Enfonica is a telco, but with a smart software layer that gives you the power to customize your telecommunications to suit your needs. From setting up cloud-based call centers, 1300 numbers and interactive voice response systems to time/day routing, call diversions, automated messages and appointment reminders, the choice is at your fingertips.

No more high prices, incorrect bills, onerous lock-in contracts, complicated installation and maintenance procedures. No more leasing premium numbers at ridiculous costs that you can never buy, or spending precious time on hold with “support” to request changes to your setup, only to find out days later it hasn’t been done right. At Enfonica we offer fair pricing, transparent terms, no-nonsense conditions and autonomy over your telecommunications.

We love building communications technology at Enfonica and we hope you’ll love using it!