Enfonica Launches Global Outbound Voice

Making international calls is a standard feature of most telephony services, but not all international calls are the same. Routes to international destinations are often prioritized by cost, where call quality, latency, reachability, reliability and CLI presentation are often disregarded in the strive to offer the cheapest service. That’s why, until now, Enfonica has focused on providing high quality outbound voice services to AU and NZ only.

To fulfil our goal of making every customer interaction great, we’ve been working hard to connect with highly reliable international carriers to extend our coverage to the world.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of our global outbound voice service. Using Enfonica, you can now reach all regions of the world over our high quality, reliable international routes over points of presence in Australia, United States, Belgium, Germany and Hong Kong.

There are now over 1500 destinations to call with fully transparent pricing available on our new pricing page.

To support international outbound voice, we’ve introduced origin-based billing for outbound calls. Historically, our outbound call pricing has been domestic-only, but now we have additional rates, depending on whether the call you are making is domestic, international or within the European Economic Area. We’ve done this to reflect our cost structure, which is influenced by various regulations around the world.

Global outbound voice is live now and is available to all customers across all voice products, including Cloud SIP, Cloud Voice and Flow.

We’re excited to see what you build using cloud telephony!