Enfonica vs. Telstra: A Price Comparison

Choosing the right telco for your business is the first step in improving your communication channels. To help your business make a more informed decision, we’ll be publishing comparisons between Enfonica and some legacy telcos.

Price can often be a determining factor when choosing a telco, so to kick it off let’s look at the difference in phone number and voice pricing between Enfonica and Telstra.


For this comparison, we’ll be looking at 13, 1300 and 1800 phone number charges, and comparing them to our pay-as-you-go rates. We can quote you even lower rates if you commit to a monthly spend.

13 Setup Fee$1000$5095%
1300/1800 Setup Fee$90$5044%
13 Monthly Fee$1375 /mo$685 /mo50%
1300/1800 Monthly Fee$25 /mo$15 /mo40%
13/1300 National Call27c /min8.5c /min69%
13/1300 Mobile Call19c /min8.5c /min55%
1800 National Call27c /min10.5c /min61%
1800 Mobile Call22c /min10.5c /min52%
Simple Change Request$40 /change$0100%
Complex Change Request$100 /change$0100%
Source: “Our Customer Terms – Inbound Services Section” Telstra, accessed 10/06/2021

For a 13 number with moderate volume, the cost reduction can be north of 60%.


Not only is Enfonica pricing more competitive than Telstra, but we do not charge you to make changes to your services. Using the Enfonica Console, you have complete control over how your customers connect with your business by building custom call flows using an intuitive visual editor. No more costly service charges and no more wasting time on hold with “support”.

Enfonica offers transparent and fair pay-as-you-go pricing. If you’re interested to find out how much you could be saving, we’d love to hear from you.