Viewing a SIP Trace

SIP traces provide key information to troubleshoot SIP trunks, endpoints and other trunk-related issues. Viewing a SIP trace should be the first thing you do if a call isn’t connecting the way it should. Enfonica provides real-time call data and SIP traces for every call.

Watch this quick video on how to filter calls and view a SIP trace in the Enfonica Console.

SIP traces can be found under Cloud Voice > Calls in the Enfonica Console.

A SIP trace provides the crucial diagnostic information, including a SIP response code. There are 6 SIP response code class types. SIP response codes beginning with 1 are provisional response codes, while codes beginning with 2 to 6 are final response codes.

A provisional code is sent before a call is connected, eg. 100 for “Trying” or 180 for “Ringing”. A final code confirms whether a call was successfully connected or not, eg. 200 for “OK” or 608 for “Rejected”

  1. 1XX is a Provisional response
  2. 2XX is a Successful response
  3. 3XX is a Redirection responses
  4. 4XX is a Client Failure response
  5. 5XX is a Server Failure response
  6. 6XX is a Global Failure response

Enfonica customers get access to call information to make testing and diagnostics easier, including visual SIP dialogs and PCAP downloads. If you’re having trouble understanding a SIP trace, the Enfonica Support team can help.