Cloud SMS

Ultra-fast global SMS messaging is here.

Deliver and receive SMS messages from around the globe completely in the cloud.

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Key benefits

SMS delivery you can depend on.

Ultra-fast delivery. No matter how many messages you are sending, our first class SMS network will ensure that they get delivered on time.

Cost-effective pricing. At Enfonica we have direct relationships with carriers which allow us to offer you the best routes and rates for SMS delivery.

Easy to implement. Integrate Cloud SMS directly into your own systems and application with our developer SDKs and just a few lines of code.

Two-way SMS

Build two-way customer experiences over SMS.

Turn your imagination into reality.  Create powerful conversational experiences over SMS, the only messaging channel that is supported on 100% of mobile devices with a 98% open rate.

The possibilities are endless, from chat support, self service, mobile ordering and appointment reminders to interactive marketing, mobile competitions and satisfaction surveys.

Code window showing the Enfonica Developer SDK
Developer SDKs

Implement easily with our developer SDKs.

1. Import the Enfonica SDK
Easily import the Enfonica SDK to get started. Our SDKs are available in most modern languages and are published on their respective package managers.

2. Add your authentication credentials
Create a service account using the Enfonica Console and use the generated key file to authenticate the SDK.

3. Send a message in a few lines of code
Use the SDK to send an SMS.

Code window showing the Enfonica Developer SDK
Use Cases

Unlock the full power of communication.

Handle calls better


Make iterative improvements to your IVR and connect customers to the right agents faster.

Improve pick-up rate


Make outgoing calls using a mobile caller ID and increase the likelihood of customers answering.

Track traditional media


Apply unique phone numbers on different traditional media campaigns or TV stations to see which ads drive the most calls.

Message-based onboarding


Get customers onboarded faster by using SMS to get them to enter their details.

Maximum performance


Ensure your call centre is performing at its best using the analytics data through the Enfonica Console.

Improve your customer experience


Automate incoming call to connect your customers to the information they’re looking for rather than having to wait for an agent.

Give patients piece of mind with an FAQ chatbot


Build a SMS based chatbot to answer questions, give patients peace of mind and reduce the load of your front line workers.

Verify patient identity with 2FA


Securely verify patient identity using SMS codes.

Appointment management


Missed appointments are a thing of the past. Allow your patients to confirm appointments via SMS.


SMS taken to the next level.

Branded sender ID

Customize the sender ID of outgoing messages using letters and numbers up to 13 characters in length to supported countries.

Real-time pricing

Get real-time pricing information whenever you send a message. We transparently return cost information in API responses for every message sent.

Auto concatenation

Our platform will automatically handle long messages so you don’t have to write complex splitting and concatenation code.

Smart routing

We proactively monitor all of our carrier interconnections and bindings to ensure that we are only using the best performing routes available.

Smart encoding

Reduce costs by automatically converting similar Unicode characters to GSM-7 characters.

Custom validity

Some use cases such as two-factor authentication codes require messages to be received quickly. If this can’t happen (eg handset is off), make sure messages expire and don’t get delivered too late.

Delivery receipts

Get instant webhook notifications when your messages have been delivered, when they can’t be delivered (e.g. handset off) or if delivery fails (e.g. bad phone number).


Use emojis and other Unicode content in your messages to convey the voice of your brand.

Easy implementation

Building a new SMS experience or switching over from your legacy provider is quick and straightforward. Use our SDKs available in popular languages, or call our REST and gRPC APIs directly.


Delivered to billions of handsets with one API.

Global delivery. Send messages to recipients in 226 countries and territories with one API. Enfonica handles complex telecom logic and carrier and country specific rules so you can focus on building great customer experiences.

Sub-second handoff. Our message routing engine is our pride and joy. When your message is sending, we’ll route it to carriers in milliseconds to ensure your customers receive their texts quickly.

High throughput. Send huge amounts of messages quickly through our API. Our infrastructure will scale with you.

Secure by design. At Enfonica, security is our top priority. This is always at the forefront of our decision making when designing and developing products and features.

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Prices in Australian dollars (AUD). Prices exclude tax.
Calls to most regions are billed to the second with a minimum call cost of half a cent. For more details on Cloud Voice billing,
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"Patients and health care professionals around Australia rely on WeKo for timely notifications about upcoming appointments and e-Health questionnaires. By switching over to Enfonica, we have improved the delivery of our SMS to patients and reduced our costs by 30%."

"Enfonica is a simple and cost efficient way to allow my customers to send SMS. We ended up choosing Enfonica's Cloud SMS product because it allowed us to focus on what we do best and not on complex SMS infrastructure."