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REST Resource: projects.unsubscribers

Resource: Unsubscriber

The Unsubscriber resource.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "phone": string,
  "unsubscribeMethod": enum (UnsubscribeMethod),
  "labels": {
    string: string,
  "createTime": string (Timestamp)
name string
Resource name of the unsubscriber. It must match the pattern projects/*/unsubscribers/*
phone string
Required. The phone number of the recipient that has unsubscribed, in +E164 format. Can only be set on create.
unsubscribeMethod enum (UnsubscribeMethod)
The method that was used to unsubscribe. Can only be set on create.
labels map (key: string, value: string)
The labels associated with the unsubscriber. The maximum key length is 100. The maximum value length is 1000. The maximum number of keys is 50.

Example keys: -
createTime string (Timestamp format)
Output only. The creation time of the unsubscriber.


The method that was used to unsubscribe.

UNSUBSCRIBE_METHOD_UNSPECIFIED Unknown unsubscribe method.
URL Unsubscribed by visiting a URL.
MESSAGE Unsubscribed by sending a message.
MANUAL A user has manually created the unsubscriber.


create POST /v1/{parent}/unsubscribers
Creates an unsubscriber.

The caller must have messaging.unsubscribers.create permission on the project.
get GET /v1/{name}
Retrieves a Unsubscriber identified by the supplied resource name.

The caller must have messaging.unsubscribers.get permission on the project.
list GET /v1/{parent}/unsubscribers
Lists the Unsubscribers of the specified project. List returns Unsubscribers sorted by create_time descending.

The caller must have messaging.unsubscribers.list permission on the project.
update PATCH /v1/{}
Updates an unsubscriber.

The caller must have messaging.unsubscribers.update permission on the project.
delete DELETE /v1/{name}
Deletes an unsubscriber.

The caller must have messaging.unsubscribers.delete permission on the project.