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Flow Step: Time and Day

The Time and Day step allows you to route where calls go depending on the time and day, for example during business hours (9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday) and after hours (all other hours).


Field Description
Criteria Specifies multiple criteria to route calls. The criteria being a time range of a day and the days of the week.
Timezone The timezone to use for the specified criteria.



Users can add additional Steps after a time & day step based on the whether the call details matched the criteria specified or not. To do this simply drag a step to the desired dropzone. Also note that the Time & day step has no dropzone and instead the Match and No Match exits are generated automatically as its recommended that there are following Steps for both exits. E.g see below example of the named Dropzones for the time & day step.


Type Description
Match The match exit will be used if the call details match the specified criteria.
No Match The no match exit will be used if the call details do not match the specified criteria.