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Flow is designed to make communication easy for anyone. Our user-friendly visual editor allows you to create communication workflows for Voice, without needing a single line of line of code.

Using Flow

To start creating a new flow you can go to the Flows screen in the Enfonica Console. Simply click the create button to start creating a new flow. Or edit an existing flow by clicking one from the list.


When creating a Flow it is important to remember that it is currently only triggered when an incoming call is received by a phone number that is configured to use your flow.

This is visually represented in the Flow tree diagram as you can see below. You can think of this as the starting step in a Flow


Flow's Visual Editor

Flow's visual editor is primarily built on drag and drop actions and the main tree diagram which represents the way communications flow from its trigger (e.g an incoming call).

The diagram itself is made up of 'Steps' with lines connecting them. You are able to drag new 'Steps' on the left sidebar onto the tree diagram above or below other Steps (Depending on what they are) Some steps have drop zones that differ to other steps. e.g the play step drop zone is different to the call step dropzone which has a complete and incomplete zone whereas the play step has a single dropzone.



Read more about steps here.

Saving your Flow & Versioning

When you're ready to save your Flow you can do so using the button in the top right of the Flow visual editor. Clicking the save draft button will create a draft version of you flow. A flow can only have one draft version at a time. A flow can also only have one published version at a time as well. Clicking the publish button will create a new published version of the flow. Only published flows can be added to a phone number in the console. Previous flow versions can also be viewed by selecting the versions button from the side menu.


Configuring numbers to use Flow

When you have a published Flow that you are ready to use. You can configure multiple phone number to use it. This can be configured on the phone number itself or via the Flow.


Flow Actions

  • Save Draft: Saves the current flow as a draft. If there is an existing draft this wil be overwritten.
  • Discard Draft: Discards the current draft version of a flow.
  • Publish Flow: Publishes the current flow version being viewed. If a previous version is currently being viewed this will become a new published version.
  • Duplicate Flow: Duplicates the currently viewed version to new a flow.
  • Pan/Zoom: Clicking an holding the tree diagram allows you to pan the screen. Using the the scroll wheel on your mouse allow you to zoom in and out.
  • Search: The search box allows you to highlight call steps that use a certain phone number.
  • Clone/Copy Steps: Holding down the ctrl/cmd key on your keyboard and dragging a step will clone it and its children to where it is dropped.
  • Name Steps: Steps can be given a friendly display name using the step form.
  • Delete Steps: Using the step form you can delete a step. This will delete all the children of the step also.