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REST Resource: projects.sipDomains.users

Resource: User

The User resource.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "userId": string,
  "password": string,
  "address": string,
  "createTime": string (Timestamp)
name string
Resource name of the user. It is of the form projects/{project_id}/sipDomains/{sip_domain_id}/users/{user_id}.
userId string
Output only. The username. This is a convenience field for the user_id component of the resource name. This forms the user's address of record, in the form {user_id}@{fqdn}.
password string
Input only. The password. It must be a minimum of 12 characters, consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters and digits. Once the password is set, it cannot be retrieved. It is stored hashed.
address string
Output only. The address represented by this user. This is the user's address of record, in the form {user_id}@{fqdn}.
createTime string (Timestamp format)
Output only. The creation time of the user.


create POST /v1beta1/{parent}/users
Creates a user.

The caller must have voice.users.create permission on the project.
get GET /v1beta1/{name}
Retrieves a user identified by the supplied resource name.

The caller must have voice.users.get permission on the project.
list GET /v1beta1/{parent}/users
Lists all Users. List returns user sorted by create_time descending.

The caller must have voice.users.list permission on the project.
update PATCH /v1beta1/{}
Updates a user.

The caller must have voice.users.update permission on the project.
delete DELETE /v1beta1/{name}
Deletes the specified user.

The caller must have voice.users.delete permission on the project.