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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing makes it easy to create and send campaigns to your customers from within the Enfonica Console.

Key capabilities

Contact management

Import contacts from CSV into contact lists. Include custom tags against contacts to use for personalizing campaigns.

AI generated campaigns

Get creative suggestions for campaigns with the power of AI and natural language processing.

Enable link tracking to replace links with unique, trackable short URLs to determine who is interacting with your campaigns, and the overall engagement of each campaign.


Send messages from a branded sender, personalize texts with contact tags such as first name, and add flair with emojis. Plan your campaign in advance and have it sent at the exact moment you need such as on retail holidays.

Opt-out support

Contacts are automatically unsubscribed when receiving STOP replies.


Name Description
Campaigns Campaigns are used to design and send SMS to a Contact List. Sent campaigns also make reporting data available such as delivery and click-through rates.
Contacts Contacts are the individual recipients you send SMS to and can be added to one or more Contact Lists.
Contact Lists Contact Lists are groups of contacts that are used as the recipients of a Campaign.


Please take note of the following:

  • SMS Marketing currently only supports recipients in Australia.
  • To send a campaign, you must have an SMS-enabled phone number in your Enfonica project.
  • You are responsible for the compliance of the SMS you send.