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Available Text-to-Speech Voices

Enfonica text-to-speech provides the following voices.

Google Neural2 voices

Voice name Language Gender Sample
Google-en-AU-Neural2-A English (Australia) Female
Google-en-AU-Neural2-B English (Australia) Male
Google-en-AU-Neural2-C English (Australia) Female
Google-en-AU-Neural2-D English (Australia) Male
Google-en-GB-Neural2-A English (United Kingdom) Female
Google-en-GB-Neural2-B English (United Kingdom) Male
Google-en-GB-Neural2-C English (United Kingdom) Female
Google-en-GB-Neural2-D English (United Kingdom) Male
Google-en-GB-Neural2-F English (United Kingdom) Female
Google-en-US-Neural2-A English (United States) Male
Google-en-US-Neural2-C English (United States) Female
Google-en-US-Neural2-D English (United States) Male
Google-en-US-Neural2-E English (United States) Female
Google-en-US-Neural2-F English (United States) Female

Google Wavenet voices

Voice name Language Gender Sample
Google-en-AU-Wavenet-A English (Australia) Female
Google-en-AU-Wavenet-B English (Australia) Male
Google-en-AU-Wavenet-C English (Australia) Female
Google-en-AU-Wavenet-D English (Australia) Male
Google-en-GB-Wavenet-A English (United Kingdom) Female
Google-en-GB-Wavenet-B English (United Kingdom) Male
Google-en-GB-Wavenet-C English (United Kingdom) Female
Google-en-GB-Wavenet-D English (United Kingdom) Male
Google-en-GB-Wavenet-F English (United Kingdom) Female
Google-en-IN-Wavenet-A English (India) Female
Google-en-IN-Wavenet-B English (India) Male
Google-en-IN-Wavenet-C English (India) Male
Google-en-IN-Wavenet-D English (India) Female
Google-en-US-Wavenet-A English (United States) Male
Google-en-US-Wavenet-B English (United States) Male
Google-en-US-Wavenet-C English (United States) Female
Google-en-US-Wavenet-D English (United States) Male
Google-en-US-Wavenet-E English (United States) Female
Google-en-US-Wavenet-F English (United States) Female
Google-en-US-Wavenet-G English (United States) Female
Google-en-US-Wavenet-H English (United States) Female
Google-en-US-Wavenet-I English (United States) Male
Google-en-US-Wavenet-J English (United States) Male