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REST Resource: projects.calls.transcriptions

Resource: Transcription

The Transcription resource.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "recording": string,
  "state": enum (State),
  "duration": string (Duration),
  "channelCount": number (int32),
  "createTime": string (Timestamp),
  "updateTime": string (Timestamp),
  "readyUri": string,
  "utterances": [
      object (Utterance)
name string
Resource name of the transcription. It must match the pattern projects/*/calls/*/transcriptions/*. The call will always refer to the parent leg of a two-leg call.
recording string
The recording that this transcription was created from, of the form projects/*/calls/*/recordings/*.
state enum (State)
Output only. The state of the transcription.
duration string (Duration format)
Output only. The duration of the audio (of one channel). The total duration that is billable is duration * channel_count.
channelCount number (int32 format)
Output only. The number of channels included in the transcription.
createTime string (Timestamp format)
Output only. The creation time of the transcription. This is the time that the transcription resource was created.
updateTime string (Timestamp format)
Output only. The last time this resource was modified. If state is COMPLETED or FAILED, this will be the time that the resource transitioned into that state.
readyUri string
The URI to send the transcription ready webhook to when the state transitions to a terminal state (SUCCEEDED, FAILED). Must be an absolute URI.
utterances[] object (Utterance)
Output only. The spoken utterances, ordered by when they were spoken in the recording.


The state of the transcription.

STATE_UNSPECIFIED Unspecified state.
PENDING The audio has not yet been transcribed.
COMPLETED The audio has been transcribed.
FAILED The transcription failed.


get GET /v1beta1/{name}
Retrieves a Transcription identified by the supplied resource name.

The caller must have voice.transcriptions.get permission on the project.
list GET /v1beta1/{parent}/transcriptions
Lists the Transcriptions of the specified project. List returns Transcriptions sorted by create_time descending.

The caller must have voice.transcriptions.list permission on the project.
delete DELETE /v1beta1/{name}
Deletes a transcription.

The caller must have voice.transcriptions.delete permission on the project.